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Forensic Engineering Technologies, LLC is a full-service forensic engineering consulting firm. Our staff is backed by many years of practical experience and specialized training, with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, transportation, and civil engineering. Whether you are faced with a claim related to a motor vehicle accident, product failure, fire event, or premises accident, FET’s licensed professional engineers and certified forensic specialists will apply sound engineering principles to determine the facts and help you to understand your case.

Attorneys and insurance professionals nationwide call on us for Engineering Consulting, Accident Reconstruction, Evidence Preservation, Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Scientific Animations, Fire Origin and Cause, Premises Liability, Failure Analysis, Human Factors Analysis, Biomedical Engineering Analysis, and Digital Forensics.

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A Modern Approach

Forensic Engineering Technologies approaches cases from a modern perspective, by utilizing state of the art technology to conduct precise analyses, and produce high quality deliverables for clients.

Using advanced animation programs, FET creates highly detailed and realistic animations and diagrams that provide greater insight into a case.

High definition 3D scanners allow FET to accurately scan vehicles and objects, both large and small. This scan data is then used to create highly accurate 3D digital models for both diagrams and animations. FET can use these digital scans to create 3D printed models, which are ideal for court hearings.