Our Story

Experience, precision, clarity—Forensic Engineering Technologies (FET) uncovers the information you need by working with experts you can trust. We deliver the facts through comprehensive analysis, refined processes, and straightforward expertise.

At FET, our mission is to investigate and thoroughly analyze accidents and loss events to provide objective and scientifically supported opinions. Our team provides a comprehensive analysis for each case from initial investigation to trial. We cultivate a collaborative environment, where experts of complementing forensic disciplines analyze the facts of a case or claim from every angle.

Aerial photograph of Forensic Engineering Technologies

Forensic Engineering Technologies – Orlando Office

  • The following core values drive FET’s commitment to its mission.
  1. Integrity – Doing the right things
  2. Expertise – Mastering areas of practice
  3. Diligence – Careful, persistent, and thorough work
  4. Responsiveness – We’re there when you need us
  5. Sophistication – Employing advanced practices and technology
  6. Professionalism – Conducting business in a professional manner

By employing these core values at all levels of our work, FET is dedicated to providing the highest quality forensic services available. This means more than just delivering the facts. We also translate the complexity of our investigations into clear and concise language that is easily understood by any audience.