Structural Forensics

forensic engineering hurricane damage

Hurricane Michael: The Rebuilding Process

The aftermath of Michael has left behind many hazards. Bridges and roadways remain more prone to collapse. Buildings may have been weakened structurally. Downed power lines could be live and present the […]

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Allen Zachry, P.E., S.E.

Allen Zachry is a licensed Professional Engineer and a licensed Professional Structural Engineer.  He received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in structural engineering, from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Shawn Ray, P.E.

Mr.  Ray is a mechanical engineer and forensic specialist with more than 25 years in the industry. He is a respected expert witness in both state and federal courts, specializing in materials and systems failure analysis, commercial vehicle accident reconstruction, and product failure analysis.

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Donald Macher, ACTAR

Mr. Macher has 29 years of experience within civil engineering disciplines.  Mr. Macher is skilled in scene investigation, evidence collection, preservation from vehicles and sites, computer photogrammetry, total station forensic mapping of vehicles and crash sites, and processing of 3-D digitally scanned images.

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