Vehicle System Forensics

Data Retrieval training from Adam Diaz, ACTAR

Evidence Preservation Training

Data Retrieval Technology As new software is released to allow communication with various automobile manufacturers, the process of obtaining data and how the software works must be investigated so we stay ahead […]

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Bryan Fisher & Freddy Arauma

New Hire Announcement: Bryan Fisher and Freddy Arauma

Bryan Fisher Bryan is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with interest in vehicle systems and accident reconstruction. He is well versed in both the technical […]

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image of the World Center Marriott where the 2019 CLM Conference will be held

See us at the 2019 CLM Annual Conference in Orlando

  When a crash occurs, how the data is preserved, collected, and analyzed becomes critical. Understanding how we interpret and communicate findings from this data is equally critical and allows stakeholders to […]

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See us at the 2018 Annual CLM Conference

Even with advanced collision avoidance systems, real-world crashes are inevitable. Collisions will occur while humans share the road with autonomous vehicles, and even in the absence of humans, machines can fail. When […]

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Gregory Dorn - Forensic Engineering Technologies

Gregory Dorn, ACTAR, P.I.

Gregory Dorn is a Computer Forensics Specialist with more than 19 years of experience within the information technology and computer forensics field.

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