True Experts In Our Field

Every member of the FET team possesses a unique set of skills and specialties, with each of our experts repeatedly proving themselves as authorities in their respective fields.
Supported not only by their educational competencies, our experts have the hands-on practical experience to perform reliable and comprehensive investigations.
Christopher Stewart, P.E. Mechanical Engineer
M. Reza Vaghar, Ph.D., P.E. Mechanical Engineer
Steven Mitchell, Ph.D., P.E. Civil Engineer
Ying Lu, Ph.D. Biomechanical Engineer
Donald Fournier, P.E. Mechanical Engineer
Vivek Shekhawat, Ph.D. Biomechanical Engineer
James Raeburn, P.E., CFEI Electrical Engineer
Paul Tucker, P.E. Structural Engineer
Philip Fatolitis, Ph.D. Human Factors Scientist
Christopher Banbury, P.E. Structural Engineer
John Thomazin, MSME, P.E. Mechanical Engineer
Chip O’Toole, ACTAR Mechanical Engineer
Christopher Leone, ACTAR, UAS Pilot Accident Reconstructionist
Phillip Rossow, CFEI Director of Client Relations
Gregory Dorn, ACTAR, P.I. Computer Forensics Specialist
Charles King, ACTAR Accident Reconstructionist
Adam Diaz, ACTAR Mechanical Engineer
Herb Hewitt, ACTAR Mechanical Engineer
Rashon Charleston Mechanical Engineer
Gary Lewis, UAS Pilot Accident Reconstructionist
Bryan Fisher Mechanical Engineer
Jaime Aviles, UAS Pilot, CDL Forensic Technician
Phil Clever, UAS Pilot Forensic Technician
Freddy Arauma, UAS Pilot Forensic Technician
Cody McNair Forensic Technician
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