Phillip Fatolitis, Ph.D. - Human Factors Scientist - Forensic Engineering Technologies

Philip Fatolitis, Ph.D.

Human Factors Scientist

Dr. Fatolitis is a retired U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps officer (Lieutenant Commander/Naval Aerospace Experimental Psychologist) and Navy Corpsman with over 23 years of active duty service. He has held positions in the aviation, medical, process, and transportation industries and is active in academia. He has conducted both basic and applied research in the areas of human sensation/perception, cognition, cognitive neuroscience, usability/ergonomics, and human error/safety. As a human factors scientist, he applies extensive education, skill, and experience to the forensic evaluation of industrial/consumer products, traffic accident investigation/reconstruction, and premises liability claims. Dr. Fatolitis is also an editorial staff member for the Journal of Ergonomics.