Storm Damage Evaluations

In recent weeks, severe thunderstorms have impacted many states in the southeastern United States. The storms brought heavy rain, damaging winds, hail, and spawned powerful tornadoes beginning in central Texas and sweeping through Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas. The governors of Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama have each declared states of emergency to help recovery efforts due to the immense storm damage.

In the wake of these storms, adjusters and other experts are subject to many hazards while inspecting properties and assessing damages. At this time, proceeding with caution should be a top priority. Bridges and roadways are more prone to collapse, buildings may have been compromised structurally, and downed power lines could be live and present the risk of electrocution. These hazards, among others, are why it is best to let trained experts safely perform damage assessments. FET’s structural engineering team has extensive experience working with homeowners and insurance carriers to inspect storm-related damage. Our professionals are available to provide assessment and repair design, as well as review contractor estimates for building system losses.